Exodus 1

Joseph dies here, and the children of Israel multiply, and a new king is put in place. This king goes to take over Israel and put them into slavery. The Egyptians made them work hard and long hours. Then the king says to kill all the boys that are born. The midwives feared God and followed him.

Exodus 2

Moses was born here, and hid for three months then they put him away in a basket to the Pharos daughter. Then the mother ends up getting paid to take care of her son. Moses then grows up and sees a man beating a man from Israel and therefore he goes and kills him and buries him in the sand. Then he runs away to Midian because Pharaoh wants to kill him. Then Moses helps ladies with their flock, and then he marries one and they have children together and she became his wife. Then the king dies and Moses is told to return to Egypt.

Exodus 3

Moses is keeping the flock, and found a fiery bush, and walked to it, and talked to God. Then God tells him that he wants him to free his people. Then God tells him that he will be with him! God then tells him to say the I AM has sent me to help you and speak to you.

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