Kevin Hall

God will always add to your life. He knows what brings you joy, but you have to follow him to get that joy! If you chase joy then you will find a dessert of despair, but if you chase God then you will get all the happiness you can ever want. We have no reason to have a backup plan,e that is giving leeway to the devil. John 9:4 We need to have a since of urgency about the ministry. Develop an appetite for the gospel. Get involved now or you may never get involved.

Get a desire for the Lord. Daily ask for his will and to lead your path. Everything is made for a purpose like fish are made to swim, birds are made to fly, Christians are made to worship God! We are here to be completely consumed with a desire to serve the Lord. Not to have a backup plan in case God doesn’t know what he is doing, because we all know that God knows everything and wants what is best for you. You need to respect your parents and your pastor, but make sure you are not letting them make your decisions for you. God is the only person that should lead your life! Use what God has given you and he will always provide for you. The older you get the harder it is to leave and serve the Lord.

It’s like a tree because you get your roots deeply rooted into America and its almost impossible to move it. Where as if you are young like a sapling it is very easy to move and adapt, the longer you wait the harder it will be on you to uproot your life.

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